Monday, October 4, 2010

We're off and running!

Hello from a lifelong Indians fan.  I have written many articles on various topics regarding baseball and the Clevelan Indians.  These articles span topics such as the first year player draft, Rule 5 draft, instructional league, extended spring training and others.  Some of these articles are plagerized even to today.  I have written for the Cleveland Fan and Indians Prospect Insider.

I have also posted on many Cleveland Indians' fan sites over the years and have been kicked off most.  Not for bad language but, rather, because my opinion is considered too negative and I like to focus on what needs to be fixed rather than what is going well.  When you have consecutive 90 loss seasons with only a marginal chance for better in 2011, not much is going well.

OK, let's start with the facts:

If you are here you are:

  •  probably a fan of the Cleveland Indians
  • are curious to see what will be posted here
  • not turned off to my opinion
The reason for doing this at all is because I just can't stand around silently as the FO screws up my team throwing it into years of bad baseball.  The reason for choosing this medium is that it can be made one way.  That is, this site doesn't have to allow comments and it won't.   Most of the conflict over my forum posting over the years is that posters just can't let me post my opinions.  They have to chime in at every turn trying to prove me wrong which, for the most part is just a waste of their time and mine.  I am seldom completely right but far less am I completely wrong and I NEVER will let my love for the Indians stand in the way of speaking out when they do something stupid, which is far too often for my liking. 

What I am is ant-front office stupidity, anti-dissing prospects in favor of minor league free agents and overpriced free agent mercenaries who don't give a crap about Cleveland other than it is a paycheck.  I am pro spending lots of money SMARTLY on the draft every year and have been for years before it recently came into vogue on most Indians' fan boards and with the Indians, themselves.

Despite popular belief I am supportive of all prospect rating systems and individuals to a degree but do respect the veteran publications, specifically Baseball America, who have been doing this for years. 

So, if you want my opinion, welcome.   If you don't then don't hang around.

Dennis Nosco

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