Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rule 5 Results

Well, as predicted in the previous piece (see below), Josh Rodriguez was the most likely Indian to be selected and he was selected FIRST OVERALL by the Pirates.  While this doesn't have much, if any weight, as the guy who knew him best, Neal Huntington of the Pirates, had that first pick, it does go to point out that Huntington thought Rodriguez had the most upside of any guy who might stick with a team next year.  Hey, it's not like the Pirates are so deep that they were drafting for need!

Teams that finish with almost 100 losses should not be losing people in the ML portion of the Rule 5 draft, especially with AAAA guys  like Shelly Duncan, Jayson Nix and Justin Germano on their roster.  While Rodriguez may be underappreciated at this point, he is a middle infielder who can field and has some thunder in his bat.  He can clearly stick with a team this year and, although he may profile as no more than a quality utililty infielder (both offensively and defensively) he still could be more and probably will not be less.

When you have AAAA guys on your roster at his position year after year, it does tend to upset this Cleveland fan that the Indians would not protect the single most obvious Rule 5 target in their farm system instead of one of the three guys mentioned above.

Given that the Indians also lost SS Rivero to the Phillies on waivers, the loss of Rodriguez means another parade of AAAA middle infielders into Columbus with some of them more than likely getting ABs in Cleveland.  That really sucks if you are the fan of...what did Scott Boras call it...A DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM.  Yeah, developmental teams should really be losing guys like Rodriguez and Rivero.  Not that Rivero, on paper, is a big loss, as I think Rodriguez has a chance to be pretty good.

The Indians lost no one in the AAA and AA portions meaning that they didn't do anything stupid in setting up their AAA or AA reserve lists.  To me that means that John Drennen, among others, were protected at the AAA level.

Funniest comment of the day:  Bloggers congratulating the Indians for not losing anyone in the MINOR LEAGUE portions of the draft due to good management of their reserve lists without calling them on the carpet for losing Rodriguez.

Another stupid result for the Indians.  Not the biggest loss in the world but let's all remember this if Rodriguez sticks in Pittsburgh while we see the next parade of Anderson Hernandez types parade through Cleveland next year.

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