Thursday, May 5, 2011

the end of an era

Notice that nothing is capitalized in the title.

That's because it's an era that never was!

Jordan Brown was traded on Saturday to the Brewers for "cash considerations".  Basically, he was given away.  He got about as much chance as Jeremy Guthrie and was thought of as highly as Brandon Phillips by the organization.

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this situation.

I have waited to comment on this until I thought about it a little.  Good luck to Jordan Brown.  He was never going to get a chance in Cleveland, not as long as there were broken down veteran AAAA players to be had.  Truth is, injuries may have sucked the life out of his ability, just like it did for Michael Aubrey and Matt Whitney.  He was only having a middling season with Columbus.  Guys like Jordan Brown don't have any trade value so your typical, average GM can't get anything for him, but they are GREAT pickups.  I wish every AAAA player on our AAA roster was replaced by a guy like Jordan Brown, a guy who still has some life left in him and hasn't failed at multiple ML opportunities.

Shrewd move by Milwaukee.  Just like Cincinnati made a shrewd move a few years ago in giving career minor leaguer Jeff Stevens to the Indians for Phillips.  Hey, if it doesn't work out it isn't that bad of a trade as you gave away very little.

Not saying Brown will turn out to be anything more than the next Chad Huffman or Travis Buck, but he is the kind of guy I would want to give a shot to.  Maybe some organization that doesn't treasure AAAA guys will give him a shot and he will make it.

See ya, never knew ya, good luck to ya.

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