Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jose Lopez? Really?

Just a quick note that MLB Trade Rumors has information indicating the Indians are in serious negotiations with Jose Lopez.  That's great.  We need a good minor leaguer to mentor Juan Diaz and other minor league SS.

But I am not sure that is what we are talking about here.  I think they are talking about signing Lopez for the MAJOR LEAGUE team.  Yes, that Jose Lopez, utility infielder, owner of a .216 BA and a .245 OBP last year.   We have Jason Donald.  He's younger, cheaper and has more upside than Lopez.  He IS our utility infielder.  We don't need Lopez like we didn't need Casey Blake, although I prefer the latter more. 

We do not need Jose Lopez just like we didn't need Ricky Gutierrez, Roberto Hernabndez, David Dellucci or the host of other fringe major leaguers we have signed over the last few years to take ABs and IPs away from younger guys who still have upside.

Bringing in Lopez spits in the face of the Indians trading Alex White, Drew Pomeranz, Joe Gardner and Matt McBride for Ubaldo Jimenez.

Indians:  Stop driving your Mercedes up to Dollar General to do the rest of your shopping!  If they sign Lopez to anything more than a minor league deal where he becomes AAA depth for the Indians, they have lost their minds.  

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