Saturday, March 31, 2012

Championship roster beginning to round into shape

Indians' fans: hope springs eternal in, uh, spring.

As we approach opening day Thursday the Indians 'championship' level roster is falling into place.

Shelly Duncan is the current leader in open 'competition' for who stands out in left field on opening day.  This is actually a reverse competition as it appears the guy with the worst statistics wins with Duncan hitting .178 this spring.

Dan Wheeler celebrated being told he had made the team based on his solid 7.78 ERA by giving up 5 runs on 3 HR to bloat his ERA to 10.78.  I guess he had given it his all giving up runs in his first four outings.  The Indians' braintrust, thinking that his first four outings were an aberration and his last 3 scoreless innnings were who he really is, will now think yesterday's outing was another in a long line of aberrations.  Isn't that contradictory?

Jason Donald is the only one who has earned his extra man spot on the roster and that wasn't deserved either, statistically, until his 4-5 day yesterday.

A check on the expensive off-season moves:

Aaron Cunningham .205 (cost us Cody Burns AND Josh Judy)

Kevin Slowey (6.75 plus getting bombed yesterday in a minor league game) (cost us Zach Putnam)

And then there is Ubaldo Jimenez......

I can't wait for our next big move from Antonnetti.  All of his previous moves have been so good that the next one, made in more desperation than any of the other ones, will surely be a humdinger!

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