Friday, May 25, 2012

Manny Acta - First two month manager?

2008: First 35 games: 15-20 (.428)   Last 127 games:  44-83 (.346)

2009: First 33 games: 12-21 (.363)   Next 54 games:  14-40 (.257)   (fired at 26-61; team then went 33-41(.446) the rest of the way)

2010: First 35 games: 15-20 (.428)  Next 127 games: 44-83 (.425)

2011 First 45 games: 30-15 (.667)  Next 117 games: 50-67 (.428)

2012: First 44 games: 26-18 (.591) Next 118 games:  ?????????????????

Is Manny Acta a frist two months manager?  One might guess so based on his previous records.  Exxcept for 2010 when his record was bad throughout the season, he has been a much better manager in the first two months than later in the year.

What can we make of that?  I'm not sure.  Deeper thinkers than I would have to analyze this.   A number of possibilities come to mind:

Trades of veterans and replacement with rookies
Warm weather
Second time through the league

I don't know what the answer is but is it possible the guy is great in April and May and stinks the rest of the season?  Absolutely it is possible.

So, do we fire him now and find a manager who is good the last 3/4 of the season.  Well, it's an idea!

Not sayin'.  Just sayin'.

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