Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chris Perez, you're an idiot!

You know, baseball players, hell, people in general, get to blow off steam once in a while. 

However, when you're an idiot, I guess you just feel you can do it all the time.

Most of what Perez says is true: fans who won't pony up for tickets because they don't have the money but were able to pony up for Cavs tickets when they were hot.  Yes, the economy is depressed.   But surely there are 40,000 people that have enough disposable income (or 160,000 with one quarter of enough disposable income) to support this team. 

What Perez says about making trades and signing free agents is correct.  However, we made the Jimenez trade.  We tried to sign Beltran and, truth be told, Willingham.  They just got better offers, all things considered, elsewhere.

You know, if Chris Perez was still in St. Louis he would probably be setting up Jason Motte. 

Chris Perez has made a lot of money here and his success here will make him a lot more in the future.  That's one of the great things about a talent- and money-strapped club.  Young guys sometimes (though not often in Cleveland) get the opportunity to showcase themselves.  Such is the case for Perez.  So he should shut the F--- up and continue to pitch well if he wants out of here.

Have his comments over this year been a premeditated attempt to get himself traded?  Who knows.  My guess is that he is just an idiot.

Let's hope we get a great offer for him.  If we don't we keep him, stick a rag in his mouth, and send him out to pitch in the 9th next year.  We are a much stronger team WITH Chris Perez and Vinnie Pestano than we are with just Pestano and some trash that some other team wants to dump on us in return for Perez.

This FO has shown no aptitude for turning situations like this into something positive.   CC, Lee and others show me that trading Chris Perez at this point (unless we are overwhelmed by a team going for it next year) would be a stupid thing to do.

Not any more stupid than what usually comes out of this guy's mouth.  But stupid, nonetheless.

So, FO, don't trade this guy on a knee-jerk.  You don't do addition-by-subtraction if you don't even know how to do addition or substraction and the Indians' FO needs remedial 1st grade math, to be sure.

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