Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring training 2017

A couple of thoughts as we start spring training:

1. The Indians have 5 solid starting pitchers and 4 solid prospects (5, counting Cooney) who will start the year at AAA.   That gives them impressive quality and depth.  Which means, of course, starting pitching will be a weakness this year :-)

2. The big question marks this year will among the position players.   Will Brantley be healthy?  Is Jose Ramirez for real?  Will Tyler Naquin be the regular season Tyler Naquin or the post-season Tyler Naquin?  Plus, where will our depth come from if we lose a starting position player?   Along those lines, will Bradley Zimmer or Yandy Diaz contribute this year?  So, we still have some position player questions.  But here are some more questions:

3. Will we get another bullpen arm?  We need one and, as of this writing, Joe Blanton is still available as are a number of other guys (e.g, Carlos Villenueva) who could be had on a minor league deal.   There is also Travis Wood, who would be great in the bullpen and as our #1 depth starter.  Plus, with Andrew Miller playing in the WBC, it might be a good thing for the Indians to protect that investment by adding Wood.   While we can wait to add a bat until July, we need to add a bullpen arm now.  So Wood (preferably) or Blanton, but someone now. 

4. What will happen to Kyle Crockett and Hoby Milner this spring training?  Now that we have Boone Logan and given that both Crockett and Milner need to be kept on the roster or exposed to waivers, does either have a shot?   Crockett is out of options and the other two guys who were going into ST without options and without a definite spot on the ML team were Austin Adams and Jesus Aguilar and we saw how that turned out.   Obviously Milner is a Rule 5 pickup so we either have to keep him on the roster or send him back. 

5. When will we get the extra bat we need?   Face it, this teams needs a good hitter who can either play 3B or OF.  They don't need it now but will need him by playoff time.    So when will get that player?   Obviously we should and will wait until July.   For a change I am anxious for the trade deadline to get here so I can see who we add as compared to who we get rid of...but I get ahead of myself!

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