Friday, March 31, 2017

Musings of a worry wart as we end the exhibition season

OK, so the defending AL champion, take-it-to-the-10th-inning-of-the-WS Indians are done with the meaningless games and on to the regular season.  Unlike the NBA, to me the regular season is important, especially since Kyrie Irving is not leading off, LeBron James is not batting cleanup and Kevin Love is not protecting LeBron by hitting in the 5 hole. 

So here are my biggest least the ones I can see
  • Is this just another Bryan Shaw spring training blowup or should we really be worried about a 17.16 ERA in spring training?  I know in spring training pitchers work on things but this ERA makes me think all Shaw was working on was understanding what it was like to take a beatdown...over and over again.  I mean, I don't even know if that is a good ERA in slow pitch softball.   So, is he hurt or worn out from all those appearances over the past few years or is he just working on things?
  • Boone Logan really sucks.   I know he is probably just getting his work in and facing more righthanded hitters than he will ever see in an entire season but, man, this guy is getting hammered almost every appearance.  Not at a Brian Shaw level but, nonetheless, at an alarming level.
  • Given that the Indians will likely never tell the truth about this stuff, how serious is Kipnis' injury, really?
  • Michael Brantley...did you expect an explanation?   I think just saying "Michael Brantley" is explanation enough.  They say Brantley will be one of the 25 players who are flying to Texas with the Indians.   How many additional guys are driving up?
  • Is Chloe Kardasian likely to date any of the single guys on the Indians this year, too.
  • Every pitch, every AB, every moment until we win the AL championship.  Well, if this last one was true I wouldn't have any fun this year, would I?  No, so let's throw out this last one.   Well, maybe the last two, and just say that there is enough real to worry about with the Indians that it will make this season even more interesting than last year. 

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