Friday, April 21, 2017

The Case to SIgn Luis Robert

OK, I just looked in my wallet and I have $22 so I don't think I would be much help.   Yeah, there are a couple of credit cards but I checked my limit and I don't think, even if I max them out, that would make much of a dent, either.

So, when I say what I am about to say I am playing with someone else's money.  

Nevertheless, the Indians need to sign Luis Robert.  Period.

Remember that the Indians will not have a first round pick this year and, likely, will get a low competitive balance pick meaning their first two picks will be at the end of the second round and after it.  Teams can save money in the first round if they get their draftee to sign for below slot.  But we don't have a first round pick and our second round pick will be low enough that the bonus slot for that pick is pretty low.  So, in essence, they will have very little money to play with in the draft this year. 

Cleveland is and always will be a small market team.   We need to build from within and so we need to keep the pipeline of prospects coming.   A draft year such as this (loss of a first round pick and low second round slot) can really put a hole in that pipeline.    So we need to augment our lack of first round pick with a first round amateur talent like Robert and augment that with a high profile foreign professional signing after the season. 

The Indians have never come close to signing the top international amateur prospect except for maybe Danys Baez.     It is time for the Indians not to just dip their toe in that water but to do a belly flop from the high board into their international bonus pool.     This is the year to do it and shopping in the bargain basement at Macy's is not going to  get us there. 

Sign Robert.  Please. 


  1. What do you figure his ceiling is? Where do you play him? At this point you'd have to say that Abreau is the only guy outplaying a monster international FA contract, not a great track record. Puig exceeded value for 2.5 years before getting demoted, probably the only other guy in the conversation. Thames could get there soon.

  2. Agree with all that you say. The International market is way inflated for the talent you get. You overpay. That is why I don't advocate overpaying every year. That being said, with a guy like Robert being that much head and shoulders above others in this FA amateur class, you go out on a limb. Looking at our top 2 round picks in the last 10 years, the draft is not a sure thing, either. More sure than giving 16 year olds $5 million. However, we should have the money to spend as we won't have to, or be able to, use it on the draft. We have to invest our capital in players and Robert, no matter what the risk, is the kind of guy you roll the dice with.