Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pannone...part 3

OK, if you all have been following this, Thomas Pannone had his streak of consecutive innings without giving up an earned run snapped on Saturday.  Or did he?

The game was suspended in the middle of the 3rd inning with Akron leading 6-3.  Now, in the majors the stats would just not count as the game would have to be replayed from the beginning as it was not an official game.   However, in the minors, normally games that are suspended due to bad weather are simply resumed and finished at a later date. 

But is it possible for a team to petition minor league baseball to simply have that game cancelled and restarted from the beginning like a major league game would be?

I don't know but Saturday's game was scheduled to be finished on Sunday but that game got rained out, too. 

So we have a situation here.   Can this game be cancelled before it is finished.   If so, Pannone's streak would be intact at 51 innings and he would still have a chance to break the record for most consecutive innings without allowing an earned run, a streak that appears to be 59 innings and was set in 1907.

I don't know but I am starting to ask that question.   If I get an answer I will post it here.

Stay tuned.  Hopefully the Rubber Ducks can work to get this game cancelled before it is resumed.

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