Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Indians Top 100 prospects

OK, there won't be any suspense leading up to book selling here.  My top 60 Indians prospects read like this (I'll add on the next 40 for an even top 100 and make updates after we move through the Rule 5 draft).  Let me say this.  This was one of the toughest lists ever to put together.  So many guys with top 20 prospect (on this list) upside but so few having strung together more than one year of solid performance and some of them, like a number of our highly rated draft choices this year, all projection.  This list could change WEEKLY next season, based on which of these guys step up to become top prospects.  The first 60, at least, all have that potential!  It's a good place to be because you have a lot of options and depth so not all of the guys have to make it and a bad place to be because, when you have a lot of Beau Mills-type prospects on your prospect list, you could end up with nothing..
UPDATE 1: NOVEMBER 5TH: Removed Carlos Rivero since he was lost on waivers.
UPDATE 2: NOVEMBER 17TH: I've flagged the guys and their position in BA's top 10

1. Jason Kipnis (#3 on BA Indians' top 10)
2. Drew Pomeranz (#4 on BA Indians' top 10)
3. Lonnie Chisenhall (#1 on BA Indians' top 10)
4. Alex White (#2 on BA Indians' top 10)
5. LaVon Washington (#7 of BA Indians' top 10)
6. Jason Knapp (#6 on BA Indians' top 10)
7. Nick Weglarz (#5 on BA Indians' top 10)
8. Nick Hagadone (#10 on BA Indians' top 10)
9. Jordan Brown
10. Cord Phelps
11. Kyle Blair
12. Bryce Stowell
13. Vinnie Pestano
14. Joe Gardner (#9 on BA Indians' top 10)
15. Josh Judy
16. Hector Rondon
17. Rob Bryson
18. Robbie Aviles
19. Juan Diaz
20.  Zach Putnam
21. Tony Wolters (#8 on BA Indians' top 10)
22. Josh Rodriguez
23. Jordan Henry
24. Tyler Holt
25. TJ House
26. Kelvin De La Cruz
27. Austin Adams
28. Chun Chen
29. Paulo Espino
30. Jared Goedert.
31. Cole Cook
32. Alexander Perez
33. Zach McAllister
34. Matt McBride
35. Alex Lavisky
36. Ezequiel Carrera
37. Jess Todd
38. Scott Barnes
39. Felix Sterling
40. Adam Miller
41. Jerad Head
42. Matt Packer
43. Clayton Cook
44. TJ McFarland
45. Chris Jones
46. Eric Berger
47. Michael Goodnight
48. Tony Dischler
49. Roberto Perez
50. Beau Mills
51. Tyler Sturdevant
52. Cory Burns
53. Abner Abreu
54. Trey Haley
55. Bryan Price
56.. Chen Lee
57. Bo Greenwell
58. Corey Kluber
59. Jordan Cooper
60. Nick Bartolone

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