Friday, November 19, 2010

Wheeling and Dealing: Where are the Indians?

It is hard to believe, on consecutive days, the Marlins traded Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin and Dan Uggla...and all they got back were some relievers (one an Indians' giveaway, Edwin Mujica) and a utility infielder.    Besides the fact that that they might have packaged these guys to get something better, what would it have taken for the Indians to get these three?

Jason Donald, Jensen Lewis (or maybe Joe Smith), Josh Judy and Rafael Perez might have done it.  Would that have been too much or too little to pay for these three guys? 

Well, the Indians didn't have a lot of payroll and, frankly, Maybin wasn't needed IF Sizeomore is healthy (a big IF) and Miller isn't any great shakes, but what about Uggla?  He could have solidified this offense for a year and netted us two top draft picks next year.   And something about Maybin reminds me of Joe Carter who only needed a change of scenery and lots of reps on a rebuilding team to change from his dismal performance in Chicago to blossoming in Cleveland and then Toronto.  I might have taken a shot at Maybin just because you have a reasonable downside and superstar upside, acquired for not much in terms of needed parts.  Miller?  I would have taken him to try to catch lightning in a bottle.  When you are a rebuilding, small market team, you take those chances.

The point is: would the Indians have given up that much?  Donald is a utility guy.  Lewis and Perez, at different times, have been on the outs with this organization and Judy is an untested rookie.  The Indians would have given up spare parts to get Uggla, Maybin and Miller, the latter two of whom could have been spun off if needed.

A lot of fans from all over baseball are scratching their heads on the small returns for these guys.  I am sure the Marlins fans are thinking they were robbed and, in terms of rebuilding this team, they were. 

Time will tell but these three trades may have really hampered the Marlins for the next few years, not because of the guys they gave up but because of the guys who came back, none of whom are the kind that you want to rebuild a franchise around.   

Well, it's just a pipedream.  The Indians didn't want to add salary and Uggla would have cost a bundle.  But, nevertheless, to get 3 'names' like this on the cheap (in terms of talent given up)'s hard to pass up, even with the increased payroll. 

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