Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indians Top 100 prospects update made!

I have now received my BA prospect handbook.  Here are a few updates in perusing through it.

1. Respecting BA's rights, I have generally updated my top 100 prospects list as to where guys fell in the BA top 30 for the Indians.  Out of the 30 players here are the stats:

1. 25 of my top 30 fell in BA's top 31, with 11 being within two places of where BA ranked them.  I note that this is easy to do in the top7 or so as most rankings should have those very similar, although not necessarily in the exact order.

2. Most interesting rankings:

Tampa Bay's #31: Isaias Velasquez OF - This is the guy the Indians traded for Juan Salas.  You know what I think about trading prospects for AAAA guys.  Arrrrgh.  Salas was 30 when we traded for him...his last year in organized baseball. BTW, Tampa Bay had the #3 ranked organization.

The Indians ranked 7th overall among organizations

Lonnie Chisenhall's composite ranking from BA was significant higher than MLB's prospect ranking (36) for him.  Jason Kipnis' was ranked at the end of the top 50 in two of the three rankings for BA.

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