Thursday, February 10, 2011

OCab makes 0 Sense

Is there someone hurt that we don't know about?  This FO is doing some unexplainable things.  You dump Carlos Rivero off the roster and he is picked up IMMEDIATELY.  You expose Josh Rodriguez to the Rule 5 and he is the first guy picked.  Then you bring back Jayson Nix and you sign Orlando Cabrera.  Really?

Fans, welcome to Major League IV, the barfquel.

Talk about Julio Franco part deux.  Hell, at least Franco could hit when we were playing him at a position he couldn't play. 

Unless someone is really hurt and we don't know about it, there is no reason for a move like this.  Waste of money, waste of time.

And what the hell does this mean about Adam Everett.

It does give us yet another opportunity to dump Shelley Duncan or Jayson Nix off the roster, though.

What is wrong with this FO?  I mean, really.  This has got to be the most stupid off-season in Indians' history: let prospects go for nothing.  Bring in more worthless (to a 95 loss team in the making) veterans.  This is becoming the KC Royals East.  Amazing! 

Finally the Indians have a chance to take back the city from the Browns and the Cavs and they pull crap like this that really does nothing to advance the rebuild of this franchise and, in fact, goes the opposite direction.

You can spin it how you want but we are losing close to 100 games this year and teams with that destiny play Josh Rodriguez....not sign Orlando Cabrera and keep Jayson Nix on the roster.

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