Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More draft

Mock drafts are like $50,000 cars.  It seems like more people have them than should, based on means.

So, I don't put much stock in them.  However, in Baseball America's mock draft


they have the Indians taking.....drum roll please....Trevor Bauer.

I am still leaning toward Matt Barnes and, if he is gone, Taylor Jungmann.  The article says that the Indians may be seeing visions of Tim Lincecum dancing in their heads.  Well, that's a dangerous game to play, if true.  Remember the Jamie Moyer comparisons that are always thrown around for crafty lefties (see Jeremy Sowers and, to a lesser extent, David Huff)? 

You don't draft to cover up your previous screwups.  While Bauer is definitely electric, the history of short righthanders is not good.  The Roy Oswalt and Tim Lincecum exceptions to the rule aside, it is a safer bet to go with a guy like Barnes or Jungmann who may not have the Cy Young upside but has less downside, in my opinion.  As I said before, BA previously said that Barnes would have vyed for top college pitcher in the draft last year along with Drew Pomeranz.

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