Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Predictions

Everyone does it, so why not me:

ML Indians

Record: 67-95
Biggest surprise: Tony Sipp, Matt LaPorta
Biggest disappointment: Fausto Carmona
MVP: Choo
Rookie of the year: Jason Kipnis

Columbus Clippers
Record: 80-64 (IL Champion...again)
Biggest surprise: Jordan Brown
Biggest disappointment: Nick Weglarz (due to injuries), Jess Todd and possibly Josh Judy
MVP: Cord Phelps
Best prospect: Jason Kipnis
Prospects having success in the majors in 2010: Putnam, Chisenhall, Judy, Phelps, Brown, Alex White
Comments: There is enough backup in the majors, enough polishing that needs to be done and enough sense by the Indians to not start the service time clocks of a number of these guys too soon that we will see guys staying at AAA way too long this year.   The bullpen will especially be chomping at the bit but guys will just have to wait their turn.   This team is just so solid that I can't see them not excelling.  Plus, with the guys stacked up on this roster, even a little turnover shouldn't stop them.  With most of that turnover being in August, this team should cost into the playoffs and get a boost from AA for their playoff run.

Akron Aeros
Record: 60-84
Biggest surprise: Juan Diaz
Biggest disappointment: Matt Packer, Kyle Bellows, Joe Gardner
MVP: Kelvin De la Cruz
Best prospect: Kelvin De la Cruz, Drew Pomeranz, Chun Chen
Prospects making the majors: C.C. Lee, Nick Hagadone
Comments: There will be so much traffic through  Akron this year (up and down) that this team will just never get it going.  Not that there aren't good prospects.  I see 4-5 of these guys being on the ML roster when we make our first big run in 2013.  Things just won't go well for this team this year.  It's just one of those things.

Kinston Indians
Record: 79-75
Biggest surprise: Bo Greenwell, Chris Jones
Biggest disappointment:  Tyler Holt
MVP: Abner Abreu, Drew Pomeranz (won't be around long enough to qualify)
Best prospect: Drew Pomeranz, TJ House
Guys with an outside shot of playing in the majors: Chris Jones
Comments: Let's call this the make-or-break team.  So many prospects on this team are in their final year of being a prospect, at least from my perspective.  Guys like McFarland, Mahalic, Greenwell and even Clayton Cook, Roberto Perez and Giovanny Soto have got to make a name for themselves.  Guys like Maty Popham and Tyler Sturdevant and Delvi Cid have to make a difference and really advance their game or they become 100% organizational soldiers.

Lake County Captains
Record: 84-60 (champions again)
Biggest Surprise: Jesus Aguilar, Govanny Urshela (his power and hitting)
Biggest Disappointment: Tony Dischler, Trey Haley, Alex Lavisky and Tony Wolters (the latter two due to injury and inexperience)
MVP: Kyle Blair
Best prospect: Kyle Blair, Cole Cook, Michael Goodnight, LeVon Washington, Giovanny Urshela, Tony Wolters, Alex Lavisky
Comments: The backup of starting pitching up the organization will cause Dischler, Blair, Cook, Goodnight and Haley to remain at LC for most of the season.  That bodes well for LC as they are quality pitchers pitching below their level for most of the year.

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