Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random thoughts for 10-16-11


What is it with the Indians and their successful minor league coaches?  First Torey Luvollo is spurned not once but twice and left the Indians, ending up on the major league staff in Toronto. 

Now they are apparently doing the same run-around with Mike Sarbaugh.  One of the most successful minor league managers in baseball HISTORY, the guy has earned a spot on the major league staff.  Instead, they pass him over even after two AAA championships in a row.

This is a travesty and, like Luvollo, Sarbaugh is likely to prove the Indians wrong if they lose him to another organization.


The Indians are facing the yearly 40-man roster issues.  They will probably bring in a free agent or two this winter so they most likely will have to leave spots for those guys.  In addition, they will probably keep Hannahan and Duncan, know AAAA  players who had career years, on their roster this winter, clogging up two more roster spots.  I will have an article up next week to talk about all the possibilities.


The Indians just completed their instructional league which was covered very well on the web, thanks to Tony Lastoria.  Lots of intriguing things come out of this league but nothing more exciting for the 2012 major league team than the return of Hector Rondon and Alexander Perez to the mound.  They are TJ surgery guys who should be back at full strength next spring.  Both could have a positive impact on the ML season next year if they remain healthy and even come close to reaching their potential.

Jesus Aguilar is tearing up fall ball.  If you remember there was a guy for St. Louis in 2000 named Albert Pujols who played mostly at low A in the Midwest League with cups of coffee in high A and AAA that year.  The next year he was a starter for the ML St. Louis Cardinals and the rest is history as Pujols has more walks than strikeouts and averages 44 HR a season in the last 11 years.  Is Aguilar the next Pujols?  In his one year in the minors Pujols had 46 BB and 47 K in 490 AB.    Aguilar has a ways to go to cut down his strikeouts to that level.

Pujols is a unique case and comparisons to him invariably leave the guy compared coming up short.  However, Aguilar is a guy to watch next year.  He was that before fall ball.  Now he is even more so.  Imagine if he gets to Cleveland when Haffner's contract runs out?  Think Nelson Cruz.  Let's just hope he doesn't take as long to develop as Cruz has. 

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