Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random thoughts for Halloween

You know what's more scary than a 2012 roster with Jack Hanahan and Shelly Duncan on the roster?

Trading prospects to get #3-4 starters or grizzled veteran hitters on the roster, that's what.

My favorite blogger trade target was Allen Craig.  Yeah, when I suggested first to get Craig back in early July, it made sense.  Now with his WS performance, no way I trade for him.  His value is probably bloated beyond belief.

We should re-sign Carmona, Talbot and Head, the latter two to fat minor league deals.  Whether we re-sign Sizemore, well, I will leave that up to the Indians.  However, if I was Sizemore I would give Cleveland the hometown discount of $4 million guaranteed with incentives taking it to over $11 million.  We should jettison Hannahan and Duncan from the 40-man but leave the possibility of them being here next year by signing them to fat split contracts.

I will have more on trade targets (not Allen Craig)  and free agent targets in about a week.

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