Saturday, April 7, 2012

A couple of early minor league questions

1. Why, after 3 games, does Beau Mills have exactly one AB?  Is he hurt?    He was 5 for his last 7 in spring training including 2 HRs.  That would have seemed to give him at least a DH role in AAA.  The DHs for the first three games were Andy LaRoche, Russ Canzler and Trevor Crowe.  LaPorta played 1B all three games.

2. Are the pitchers dominating based on ability, expereince or both?  Slowev, Kluber and McAllister have spent 1+ years at AAA. 

3. Akron's pitching has been unexpectedly brilliant.  Is this because Paulo Espino, TJ McFarland and Steven Wright have been here before?

4. I would have guessed that Akron would crush the ball as guys who are being held back at AA are guys who have hit the ball well not only in Akron but at AAA in the past.  The Aeros have scored only 3 runs in going 2-1 in their first 3 games.

5. Will the Captains' starting pitching be as good as it appears it will be?  Having Araujo, Sterling and Roberts in the rotation makes it appear pretty strong.  With Colon, Blair and Radeke behind those three, this could be an exciting year for Captains; baseball, especially if the hitting prospects hit.

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