Sunday, April 29, 2012

Minor Musings - April 29th style

It is hard to fathom the infatuation with Russ Canzler. The guy has raised his average but he still has no HRs (only 3 XBHs in 83 ABs) and 9 guys are hitting better than him on the Clippers.  You have Chisenhall at 3B, LaPorta at 1B/LF.  I know Canzler has an opt out but so what, the guy is irrelevant on this team.

Beau Mills is like Josh Tomlin used to be in the minors: Treat him like crap and like an after-thought and he still performs.  He deserves to play more.

They're dropping like flies: Chen Lee and now probably Bryce Stowell in addition to LeVon Washington.  Guys who were on the upswing, prospect-wise, are having potentially serious injury issues.  There may be other guys (Bryson?), too.

Cody Allen sighting:  Just when prospects are dropping due to injury, Allen is coming on like gangbusters.  I saw him today pitching for Columbus and his stuff plays really well even in his first game at AAA.

Speaking of Canzler, Jared Goedert needs to be at AAA.

Francisco Lindor and Luigi Rodriguez could be the top two prospects in the organization by the end of the year.  Low A stats are misleading but both of these guys look like they are for real.  There is not a lot of plate discipline on Lake County, however, as Lindor (9 BB in 102 AB) leads the team in walks.

Would I rather have Josh Judy, Zach Putnam and Cory Burns instead of Kevin Slowey and Aaron Cunningham?  Who wouldn' OR when they were traded for?  Smart sometimes takes a long time to materialize but stupid is apparent from the get-go.

One can only wait for the end of the Jairo Ascensio and Dan Wheeler eras in Cleveland and the callup of some of these young, stud relievers.  BTW, Putnam and Judy are lights out at AAA and Burns is scuffling a bit but is still striking out guys. 

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