Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OK, how does this help, exactly?

So, how does this help?

Let's summarize:

We now have NO right fielder, two centerfielders and no left fielders.  One of Brantley or Stubbs will move out of centerfield for the other.  However, Stubbs has not played RF in the majors (I think he has the arm for it, but not the experience) and Brantley nor any of the other OFers on the roster: Canzler, Carrera, Fedroff or Neal is capable of holding down a RF job in the majors for any longer than 15 seconds.  If Stubbs plays center Brantley HAS to play LF with his rag arm.

We have no true LH relievers - We lost Raffy left, we have now traded Sipp who, as much as some people thought he sucked, he held LH batters to a .663 OPS this year.   This leaves us with Nick Hagadone who has a greivance filed against the Indians and Scott Barnes as potential LH relievers on the 40-man roster.   Thus prompting us to overpay some mediocre loogy or go the bargain basement route. 

We are now back to Brantley as a leadoff hitter.  Not that this a necessarily a bad thing since Brantley's OBP has continued to improve over the past 3 years up to a good .348 this past season.  He may be ready to be our full-time leadoff hitter except that he hit .225 as a leadoff hitter in 2012, prompting Choo to be installed as the leadoff hitter.  So, Brantley is no sure thing to replace Choo leading off in our pathetic offense.

Too many RH relievers - After the trade, on our roster we have: Cody Allen, Frank Herrmann, Chen Lee, Chris Perez, Vinnie Pestano, Joe Smith, Blake Wood and now Bryan Shaw and Matt Albers.  While you can never have too much pitching you can have assets that are not helping the big league club most of the year.  Adding Shaw and Albers pushed two people out of a job.  Unless you are going to trade the extra RH relievers, adding Shaw and Albers really added no value to this club. 

If we trade Cabrera we have no utility infielder depth - Yeah, Donald didn't hit well but he was cheap.  If you keep Cabrera you have upgraded with Aviles as your utility infielder.  Otherwise, you have downgraded at both SS and utility infielder.

You lost Lars Anderson -  OK, stop laughing for a second.  Sure, we had to make roster space.  But we are not set at all at DH and 1B.  Losing this guy lowers the odds of finding someone out of the meh group of guys to fill those slots.  Not that Anderson would have made the team but he certainly can't now. Yeah, Anderson was a throw-in, but....

Remember, Marco Scutaro was a throw-in in a trade.  Luke Scott was a throw-in in a trade.  Get the point?

So, again I ask, how does this help 2013?

I know Bauer helps the future but how does this trade help the present if Bauer isn't ready? 

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