Friday, December 7, 2012

The moronic front office strikes again

SIX.  We have six guys on our ML roster (or AAA) who are fringe major league firstbasemen or firstbasemen/utility players.  SIX.

Lars Anderson
Mike McDade
Mike LaPorta
Yan Gomes
Russ Canzler
Chris McGuness (selected today in the Rule 5)

So the one guy we selected in the Rule 5 is a guy who is at a position where he is competing with 5 other guys to make the 25-man roster?  Really?  Do these FO idiots know that they actually have to keep McGuiness on their 25-man roster for most of the season to not lose him?   Here is a news flash, morons.  YOU DON'T SELECT PLAYERS IN THE RULE 5 THAT YOU ARE DEEP IN ON YOUR ML ROSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the same time in the Rule 5 draft today we lost TWO pitchers, Hector Rondon and TJ McFarland.

I had predicted that Rondon would be gone with the first pick in the Rule 5 draft.  I was wrong.  He lasted until the second pick.

The Indians also lost TJ McFarland, a guy with #5 starter stuff but who may carve a career for himself as a LOOGY or a long man in the bullpen.  He is the true soft tossing lefty but, nevertheless, he should have been protected.

So, the Indians have dissed an old axiom and today coined a new one.

Dissed axiom: You can never have enough pitching

Indians' axiom:  You can never have enough fringe major league firstbasemen

Perfect, guys.  The FO is now cementing its place as among the dumbest, most ineffective front offices in Cleveland Indians' history.    Maybe there will be a labor stoppage that will wipe out all of the 2013 ML season and give the Dolans time to sell the team and the new owner time to trash this pathetic excuse for a front office.

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