Thursday, June 12, 2014

Predictions and suggestions

Before the 2013 season I projected that Hector Rondon, as a reliever, would not only survive the entire season with the Cubs but would, if he was pitching well, end 2013 as the Cubs closer.  I was half right:  He made it through the entire season (thus we officially lost him in the Rule 5 draft) but it took him until May of this year to become the Cubs closer.  He is currently 7 for 9 in save opportunities...and he didn't cost the Cubs $6 million (see Axford). 

Before the 2013 season I predicted that there was only a small chance of TJ McFarland making the Orioles and being officially lost to free agency.    I was wrong.  He did make the Orioles and the Indians lost him to the Rule 5.    He is still pitching for the Orioles.

I suggested that instead of drafting Lonnie Chisenhall we draft Conor Gillaspie or Lance Lynn.  Well Chisenhall is playing the best of the three this year but Lynn is still pretty good and the last time I looked Gillaspie was hitting .340.    So, for all those people who I took flack from at the time, well, I just have to laugh.

I projected that Matt Langwell would have more of an impact on 2013 than Jason Kubel.  I was right.  However, Kubel is now having a great impact and Langwell is playing independent ball.  Go figure!

Just sayin'

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