Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tyler Holt = Moonlight Graham?

Deciding that they couldn't win with Tyler Holt in the OF the Indians:

(a) traded for Chris Dickerson Th

(b) sent Holt to the minors after he appeared in one game..as a 9th inning defensive replacement.  Unlike the movie Moonlight Graham (and his real life counterpart), he actually had a ball hit to him, which he caught to end the game.  Aside from that, his ML experience had to be surrealistically like that of the character from "The Natural".

I guess the Indians thought they had a better chance to win with Dickerson.  They were wrong as they lost to the Yankees last night. 

The Indians and I have disagreed for years on this method of operation and we will continue to disagree.   History has shown me that every time they pull this crap it doesn't help the team and it hurts the morale of the organization.  Holt deserved to get to plate and he could have started and batted 9th last night.   

While the Indians thrash around in losing seasons with minor league free agents dotting their ML roster they diss guys from their own organization who, while probably ending up as 4A players are actually OUR 4A players who are having good seasons and who deserve the shot at the limelight.

So, keep bringing in the minor league free agents like Dickerson and dissing your homegrown guys like Holt.    The Indians have a history of doing that.  As someone who has interviewed minor leaguers for years and heard the tone in their voices when they talk about making 'The Show', it really pains me to see what happened to Holt.

Maybe it will turn out well for him and he will finally get to 'feel the tingle in his hands as he makes contact with the ball, stretching a hit into an extra base hit and hugging the bag as he slides in'.  If he does, I doubt it will be because the Indians feel the need to reward one of their own instead of bringing in 4A guys who have actually had their shot already.

The Indians went with Chris Dickerson...and, in so doing, lost more than just a baseball game.

But that's only my opinion!

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