Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Indians top 75 prospects - March, 2016

Let's jump in:

1. Bradley Zimmer - Will be in the majors by July with a Lindor-esque first year in the bigs
2. Clint Frazier - I predict a big year for him, which as a top 50 prospect in baseball, is saying a lot
3. Mike Papi - No way he is as bad as he has shown.  Biggest breakout prospect in baseball this year
4. Mike Clevinger - The only thing stopping this kid is the logjam of quality starters in front of him. 
5. Tyler Naquin - Limited power makes him look more like a 4th outfielder but flanked by Brantley and Zimmer, he could still be a good piece of the puzzle.
6. Brady Aiken - Still not sure about his arm but the pedigree is there
7. Justus Sheffield - A long way way from the majors and off-field questions raise issues
8. Tristen McKenzie - He is the classic high-risk, high-reward prospect
9. Bobby Bradley - I like him.   I just don't know if he is Jesus Aguilar or Jim Thome.
10. Adam Plutko - Low ceiling, low floor.  He could pitch in the majors sometime this year
11. Juan Hillman - See McKenzie
12. Rob Kaminsky - I like him more as a reliever but someone like him helps balance out the all-right rotation so he may get an early shot this year if he is healthy.  More than likely, however, he is 2 years away.
13. Shawn Armstrong - I like him a lot more than most and think he could be Bryan Shaw by next year.
14. Mitch Brown - He seems to be up and down from year to year.   This will be an up year for him. 
15, Nellie Rodriguez - He has some upside but his development path is one level a year so his worth is about three years from being decided.
16. Erik Gonzalez - Right now his path to the majors is blocked at many levels (Ramirez, Lindor, Stamets).  He will have to separate himself by hitting and I am afraid he may never be able to do that.   If he can, he could surpass Lindor offensively.  Other than that, his worth may be greater in another organization.  Most likely player to be traded by the trade deadline.
17. Francisco Mejia - I am starting to doubt if he will hit enough.   If he doesn't he will become a backup catcher...but not as good as Roberto Perez.
18. Shawn Morimando - He will hit a bump in the road this year and will require more seasoning than most expect him to.   Majors by 2018 if not traded before then.
19. Dylan Baker - If he can stay healthy he should put himself in the 2017 ML picture with a solid season across two levels this year.
20. Mark Mathias
21. Eric Stamets
22. Ryan Merritt
23. Yandy Diaz
24. Yu-Cheng Chang
25. Giovanni Soto
26. Gabriel Mejia - Old for a Dominican player but he almost led the Indians in stolen bases two years in a row...playing in short season leagues both years.  One of the few Indians' minor leagues with even one '80' tool.
27. Luke Wakamatsu
28. Tyler Krieger
29. Dace Kime - Maybe this year they will FINALLY make him a reliever.  A role he can thrive in.
30. Luigi Rodriguez - I know, I know, he is suspended for about 70 more games but I think the talent is there and his production in 2015 was when he was finally healthy.
31. Luis Lugo
32, Sean Brady
33. Justin Garza - a top 50 prospect in the draft entering last spring.  Maybe still something there
34. Willi Castro
35. Greg Allen
36. Dorsyss Paulino
37. Ka'i Tom
38. Anthony Santander
39. James Ramsey
40. Jesus Aguilar
41. Zach Walters
42. Jared Robinson
43. Jeff Johnson
44. Toru Murata
45. Jonas Wyatt
46. Casey Shane
47. Grant Hockin
48. Sam Hentges
49. Ivan Castillo
50. Ronny Rodriguez
51. Will Roberts
52. Josh Martin - If he comes back from the Rule 5.
53. Micah Miniard
54. LeVon Washington
55. Anthony Miller
56. Ryan Perez - A top 200 draft prospect last spring.  Maybe something there.
57. Daniel Salters
58. Alexis Pantoja
59. Enosil Tejeda
60. Jordan Smith
61. DJ Brown
62. Anthony Gallas
63. JP Feyereisen
64. Joseph Colon
65. Jacob Lee
66. Ben Heller
67. Justin Brantley
68. Emmanuel Tapia
69. Matt Esparza
70. Francisco Perez
71. Henry Pujols
72. Luis Oviedo
73. Jose Fermin
74. Leonardo Rodriguez
75. Leonardo Linares

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