Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review of 2015 predictions

Well, you have my prediction for the Indians this year in the post below.  Let's examine my predictions from last year and see how I did:

Cleveland Indians:

Record: 90-72 - Off by 10 gamers.   ARRGH!!
MVP: Corey Kluber - I am OK with this one as no one stood out any more to me than Kluber although a case could be (and has been) made for Kipnis being the MVP. 
Biggest surprise: Carlos Carrasco, Giovanny Urshela (tie) -  Still OK with this one
Rookie of the year: Francisco Lindor and Giovanny Urshela (tie) - Lindor won this one clearly
Players making their major league debuts:  Lindor, Urshela, Carlos Moncrief, James Ramsey, Shawn Armstrong, Cody Anderson - OK, so I blew up on Moncrief and Ramsey but 4 of 6 is not bad. 

Farm teams:

Columbus: 80-64 - 83-61 pretty close
Akron: 70-74 - 73-69, relatively close
Lynchburg: 70-74 - 72-68 relatively close
Lake County: 64-80 - 71-66 way off

minor league MVP: Bradley Zimmer -  Probably correct although others had good years, too
biggest surprise: Clint Frazier (his season will surprise even though he is a top-ranked prospect) - I think you could make a case for this one being correct, too.   I don't know of anyone else who had a positive surprising season. 

Ah, thus is the life of a predictor.  Some good, some bad.   Hope my Indians prediction below is good this year!

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