Monday, April 11, 2016

...and the money keeps flowing in!

Giovanni Soto traded to Cubs for 'cash considerations'.

You have to love that euphemism!  In the old days they used to just say that you sold a player to another team.  Unfortunately, baseball has frowned on teams selling their players to other teams to raise cash since sometime between Babe Ruth being sold to the Yankees and today.  

It just sounds so pathetic to say that you sold a player as money, at least the pittance you probably got back, can't really buy you anything to make you more or in the future.   Hey, some international bonus money, now I could almost buy in to that.   But just cash, and likely a small amount.   Hardly seems like what a fan of the Indians would want to get back in this type of deal. 

So, three borderline prospects in the last two days have been sold for what are likely to be small amounts of money.   Even if they got $100,000 per player (5 times the waiver price), the Indians only got $300,000, not enough to do anything with.  Let's hope the three players they added to the roster actually are worth more than the players we just sold.

There is a reason baseball frowns on one team selling its players to another:  you build a team with players and, unless the cash you get back is astronomical, you can't build or improve your team when you are selling players.  Baseball has, in the past, said that it is not fair to turn assets (read: PLAYERS) into cash as it weakens the major league product and, as such, is unfair to the fans and, I guess, the shareholders of publically traded teams.

Puzzling, to say the least.   Still waiting for that new soda machine or at least an explanation of how much they got back and what that money will be used for.   With the money from Soto, we might be able to spring for a new pool table, as well.

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