Sunday, April 10, 2016

Are we really this hard up for money?

The Indians traded both Zach Walters and James Ramsey to the Los Angeles Dodgers today for the dreaded 'cash considerations'.   Now, I don't know what that means but visions of Brad Pitt saying that he wanted a rival GM to 'stock his soda machine for 3 years' comes to mind.  

Now, you never know what will transpire.   Is this a prelude to the Dodgers selling someone to us for cash considerations?  Is the clubhouse getting a new soda machine?  I don't know.

The reality is that the Indians make $40,000 if they just lose these guys on waivers.   Did the Dodgers give them more than that and, if so, how much more would be enough?   These guys are assets and each of them is probably worth more than the $20,000 waiver price.  This price is arbitrarily set by baseball in its basic agreement.   It represents nothing more than a minimum dollar figure.  It doesn't, under any circumstances, represent the worth of a player.  

These guys are almost ML ready.  They can be insurance policies against injury for a team.  They are not like some low A reliever who might not even get to AA.   They do have tangible (albeit minimum) major league value because they are capable, right now, of being in the majors.   

Remember, these guys came to the Indians in summer deals for major leaguers.  They are not valueless, yet they were given away for some cash amount, probably lost in the bottom line of the quarterly spreadsheet for the Indians' finances.  Now they are leaving town for essentially nothing.

Seems like a waste, to me.   Hey, maybe they got some real, premium soda in that machine, who knows?

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