Thursday, September 22, 2016

TJ House and minor leaguers not currently on the active roster.

I guess I don't understand the math.   Dylan Baker has not pitched an inning this year.  His career has continually been slowed by injury.   Why not DFA him and keep TJ House?

Don't get that move to bring in Adam Plutko but, as I have said before, teams sometimes bring in wild cards at the end of the season as other teams don't have a book on the guy.  Good plan to bring in Plutko but don't agree with House.  So, like Plutko, don't like the roster management move, especially when Baker is the most likely player to be jettisoned when the 60-day DL guys come off that list after the playoffs are over. 

Yeah, House has not dominated when in Cleveland but he certainly has more value than Baker short term AND long term, even if the difference is very small as House has about worn out his welcome here.

So, another headscratcher for the Indians.  Not a huge deal but a headscratcher, nonetheless.

Also, don't underatand, except for space considerations, why Morimando and Urshela are not on the active roster.    Each might have had some value in September.  Each has, in my opinion, more long term value and a better chance to be on the playoff roster than does Jesus Aguilar.

Finally, although he is useful now, given that we are essentially qualified, should we still be playing Almonte at all?  I don't think he can become a free agent this winter but, if he can, should we just DFA him now?   He serves little value to this team, we can always sign him back later and it allows us to bring someone else up from the minors.  Just rambling now but we are trying to make the playoffs and playing guys who won't be around then makes little sense, except to use them as spring-training-like replacements for the last few games.   If we do that, even more reason to wonder why Urshela is not here as he gives us extra rest for one of Ramirez, Lindor and Kipnis.   Better to have two guys to rest those three instead of just one. 

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