Wednesday, October 5, 2016

AFL Roster - What does it mean

OK, the Arizona Fall League isn't normally filled with prospects.   Good prospects go there, to be sure.   But the Indians' history is that you can't really tell who their good proapects are if you look at the AFL rosters.

So it is this year.

Really, there are only two legitimate prospects on the AFL roster: Zimmer and Chang.   Now, some may argue that Greg Allen is a prospect but I don't think that he is as his game is lacking any power at all.    The pitchers, Michael Peoples, Trevor Frank, Cameron Hill and David Speer are not exactly top prospects nor is Eric Haase at catcher.

This year, more than any year in the AFL, it is kind of a snooze-fest for Indians fans.  There isn't really a big reason to follow the AFL this year unless you are interested in following Bradley Zimmer.   Other than him it may be years, if at all, before any of our other players in the AFL make it to the majors.  This looks more like a typical Cleveland Indians farm team roster than it does a roster in what should be an all-star league.

Just my opinion.

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