Saturday, January 28, 2017

Greg Holland

I think the Indians should have extended themselves and signed Greg Holland.  

His $6 million base salary couldn't have been too rich for the Indians, despite where they are in payroll.   His $1 million buyout next year couldn't have been that debilitating, either.  Now, maybe he wouldn't sign with us because of our bullpen as it might make it harder for him to get a big payday next year if he had to share setup or closer roles.  But still...

Look, I see this as clearly as can be seen.   Miller, Shaw and Allen have been worked to death.   If we do our job we easily win the AL Central...but we have to do our job.   I can see things going south and us having to overuse Miller, Shaw and Allen to just win the division, really similar to the Cavs having to overuse LeBron this season.    This after Miller, Shaw and Allen were burned out by Francona in the playoffs.  

If the Indians go into the season with the current bullpen they are seriously rolling the dice and putting all the money they are spending on salary in serious jeopardy.  

To me, we look good right now but the key to this year's success will be finding a shutdown righty and a good LOOGY to take the pressure off the big 3 in the bullpen.  If we have to go into the season with our current bullpen I don't think we stand a chance getting through the playoffs without a serious or season-ending injury to one of those guys...and that means well above the average chance in baseball for that to happen.

That hasn't happened and, to me, this is a huge problem for the Indians.   I hope they find these two guys as, with them, the season looks really good and without them, this team becomes a house of cards with the season being in jeopardy with even a mild gust of wind. 

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