Monday, January 30, 2017

Updated prospect list

As we approach spring training, here is my updated prospect list.  Note that Anthony Santander is not on this list but I have added Hoby Milner, to reflect the results of the Rule 5 draft.  Obviously this will change if Santander comes back and Milner doesn't make the team.  Note that none of Trevor Frank, Nick Maronde, Grant Sides or Jon Fitzsimmons, all lost in the Rule 5 draft, had made my off-season list nor would they have made this list.  Obviously this is really early and trades, players being cut, etc. could change this list going forward but this is a good snapshot of how I think the organization's talent looks right now.    As far as the overall talent in the Indians' farm system I rank it as somewhere between the 14th and 16th strongest among major league organizations.   Most of the prospects appear to be complimentary players or impact players with huge question marks (holes in their games or a long way away from the majors).  So there is lots of potential there but very few players who even come close to being sure things to impact the 2017 Cleveland Indians.   Even Bradley Zimmer doesn't appear to be a guy who has star least he hasn't shown it yet as his hitting and defense still not a lot of polishing.    In any case, enjoy the list.  I will update it after spring training to account for changes in roster status and injuries.

1. Triston McKenzie
2. Nolan Jones
3. Francisco Mejia
4. Brady Aiken
5. Bradley Zimmer
6. Bobby Bradley
7. Erik Gonzalez
8. Yandy Diaz
9. Adam Plutko
10. Yu Cheng Chang
11. Ryan Merritt
12. Will Benson
13. Shawn Morimando
14. Greg Allen
15. Andrew Calica
16. Connor Marabell
17. Mark Mathias
18. Joseph Colon
19. Rob Kaminsky
20. Aaron Civale
21. Shane Bieber
22. Cameron Hill
23.  Mike Papi
24. Willi Castro
25. Juan Hillman
26. Nellie Rodriguez
27. Tyler Krieger
28. Matt Esparza
29. Shawn Armstrong
30. Connor Capel
31. Logan Ice
32. Taylor Murphy
33. Ben Krauth
34. Julian Merryweather
35. Gabriel Mejia
36. Ulysses Cantu
37. Marco Gonzalez
38. Samad Taylor
39. Luis Oviedo
40. Jorma Rodriguea
41. Oscar Gonzalez
42. Thomas Pannone
43. Nick Pasquale
44. Casey Shane
45. Andrew Lantrip
46. Zach Plesac
47. Louis Head
48. Perci Garner
59. Hoby Milner
50. Jonas Wyatt
51. Luke Watkamatsu
52. Justin Garza (2015 draftee)


  1. Jones at #2 is surprising. What made u rank him so high?

  2. I just feel he has the tools to be successful at a prime MIF position or maybe at 3B. Wil Benson, on the other hand, is the classic (to me) high risk, high reward prospect. He is a guy who could flame out at low A ball. Jones, while he could do the same thing, I think projects as at least a utility guy in the majors...and that is his basement. Just my feeling from what I have seen in videos and read.