Sunday, July 9, 2017

Draft bonus/signing update

As mentioned below, Joshua Rolette (C, Kansas State) has signed.

According to Baseball America, Michael Rivera signed for $200,000. While that is not a surprise to me, it was all that we had available in our budget to sign him.

So the intrigue surrounding Dante Mendoza's bonus increased until Baseball America reported that he signed for $125,000.

If this is true and there are no more bonuses from rounds 11-40 (besides Matt Turner) which exceeded $125,000, we still have money to spend.

We have about $191,000 to spend to reach our 5% threshold over our budget.   If you remember this is the amount we can exceed our draft budget without losing a draft pick from next year.

So, while the Indians don't HAVE to spend this excess and will be taxed if they do, it is nice to know that we have the money to sign more players.

This means we could possibly sign two more players for $210,000 each or one player for $316,000 or, of course, not spend any of our bonus excess at all. 

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