Friday, July 7, 2017

Mendoza and Rivera sign plus international free agent news

DRAFT is reporting (on their Indians 2017 draft list) that 6th round pick Michael Rivera and 12th round pick Dante Mendoza signed with the Indians on Thursday (7/6/2017).  No word on the bonuses and no other sources that I could find have indicated they have signed.

If this is true then one thing we can be sure of, the total bonuses for Rivera and Mendoza must be equal to or less than $516,000 as, if they total more than that, the Indians will forfeit their first round pick next year..  Given that Rivera's slot was $268,000 it will be interesting to see what both signed for.

Also, if the above signings are true, barring a way underslot signing by Rivera, I hold my prediction that the Indians are done signing guys from this draft. 


Cleveland Indians PROSPECTive has the Indians signing the following international free agents in addition to the 7 that I posted on below.  Here are the new names that I haven't seen before:

Alexfri Planez OF
Joseph Paulino SS
Victor Soteldo RHP
Richad Paz INF
Victor Planchart C
Marin Steven Perez OF
Michael Ramirez C

If this is all true then the Indians have signed 14 Latin amateur free agents.  Once word starts trickling in on the bonuses, we can see where we are in moving toward our international bonus cap and whether we can then expect any more high-priced international signings..

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