Friday, August 11, 2017

Jay Bruce

Good pickup by the Indians.   The cost is right...unlike the Joe Smith trade where we WAY overpaid for two months of a 7th inning guy AND in a situation where we needed hitting more than pitching. 

Why is it, thought   that the other teams know EXACTLY the guy(s) who are the most intriguing prospects to pluck from our system.  Not the most high profile, just the most intriguing.

Ryder Ryan is a guy who throws really hard but doesn't have that much pitching experience.   If you are thinking you have heard that before you are right.   Nick Goody came to us for Yoiber Marquina, the former catcher in our system who was starting to make headway as a pitcher before he went down with TJ surgery last year.

Ryan is a long shot to make the majors but, just like Pannone and Samad Taylor, is the type of guy who you might kick yourself about later.

Bruce is someone who can help us.   I really think he could help in the regular season and we need a lot of help with the offense.

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