Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trade Deadline hangover goes through Tuesday night

Well, in the Francona era there have been many memorable wins.

Tonight's game, to me, represents the most memorable loss in his tenure.   What about Game 7 of the World Series you say?  I say not even close.

You had your AL rivals (the Red Sox) at their place and you led 5-0, 7-5 and 10-9 and couldn't hold the lead.

Allen lost the game on a chopper off the plate and a strikeout wild pitch then giving a 3-1 meatball the other team's #9 hitter. 

This was a win we really needed.   We needed it against Boston/Sale in Boston.  We needed it because we had looked so pathetic last night.   We needed it because, well, we just plain needed it.

And we lost.  Let's hope this is just one game....but I said that about Monday's game, too.   Things like this are what start long losing streaks. 

At least Joe Smith pitched two scoreless innings.   BTW, following up on yesterday's trade, Hoynsie said neither Pannone or Taylor was on MLB's top 30 Indians prospects.   He is right.  First because Taylor is in rookie ball and because Pannone was #22 on Toronto's list.    Terry Pluto said neither Pannone or Taylor were on Baseball America's top 30 Indians' prospects.   Duh, that's because that list came out in January.   MLB said in their review of Panonne that his FLOOR is that of an end-of-rotation starter.  So we gave up a future ML starter and a guy (Taylor) just coming into his own for 2 months of Joe Smith.   Like the trade even less now.

Compare that to the Yankees getting Sonny Gray without giving up any of their top 3 prospects.   Two of the three guys they gave up are out for the season with injuries.   So we give up two decent prospects for Smith (by the Indians' own admission, 4th on their relief  and the Yankees give up three good prospects, with two of them hurt, for 2 years 2 months of Sonny Gray.  Doesn't seem to make sense, does it? 

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