Thursday, January 6, 2011

We now have the first totally BS move of the winter

Designate Jordan Brown?  With toads like Joe Martinez, Jayson Nix and Shelley Duncan still on the roster?  This is like a scene out of the first "Major League" movie!

Now, the Indians may know something that I don't.  That is, that Jordan Brown will pass through waivers easily and have to accept his unneeded 12th trip to AAA.  The only question left then is why not give him an extended shot in the majors instead of going through this BS?

Face it, these people are either the shrewdest basball people in the world or stubborn, flailing idiots. 

Given that we have lost in the 90s of games the last two years and they have, essentially, traded for Joe Martinez, a standard toad of a LHP and designated Jordan Brown to make room for him AND continue to keep Nix and Duncan on this roster, I have to go with idiots.

So, the big moves this winter so far are: (a) lose Josh Rodriguez in the Rule 5 while keeping Nix and
(b) Designate Jordan Brown to bring back Austin Kearns and Joe Martinez.

One thing for Shapiro.  He WON'T be dictated to.  No matter how many MVPs and batting titles a guy has won, it doesn't mean squat to old Mark and his henchman Antonneti.  Damn it, if they want to play AAAA trash at every position and diss, and probably lose, real prospects doing it, NO ONE is going to dicate to them that they can't do that.

Idiots!  Now let the FO supportive bloggers begin their butt kissing!

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