Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter ball stats downunder and more

You can find a lot of the stats for Indians' players at the link:

It even lists Trent Baker playing in the Australian Baseball League.  However, you may not know that other Indians prospects are playing in the Australia for Brisbane.  The Indians prospects on that team include:

Ryan Battaglia C
Mitch Nilsson C
Andrew Campbell 2B

Martin Cervenka, the Eastern European catcher they signed a couple of years ago is not on one of those teams which is not surprising as he is probably back in Europe attending high school.

The neat thing about the Australian league is that it is actually their professional league (see the information about the separate MLB academy program below).  A number of the guys on those teams were actually born in the '80s and a few in the '70s. 

If you are interested on how the above prospects are doing this winter, here's a link to the stats for the Brisbane Bandits:

One more point:

The Australian professional league that occurs in our winter (their summer) is not like the MLB Academy program (MLBAAP) on the Gold Coast that occurs during our summer (their winter). The later is mostly, if not completely, deep, deep prospects who may already be signed (or not) but have not played in the US yet (and may never even make it that far) as they are not ready for that level of competition.  Cervenka played in the MLBAAP academy program last year, as it occurred in his summer vacation from high school.

Here is a link to a press release on the MLBAAP that occured in our summer (May-July) in 2010:

Note that Battaglia, Nilsson and Campbell are listed.  I also communicated with someone who knows MLBAAP well and he said:

"There are a number of Indians here in that program ( Ryan Battaglia C, Mitch Nillson C (nephew of David Nillson ex MLB catcher and All Star), Andrew Campbell SS, Martin Cervanka C  from Europe. I have attached the latest stats from the program in spreadsheet. Ryan battaglia had a slow start due to a niggling injury but is tearing it up in the last few weeks."
Here are the stats from last year's MLBAAP program for Cleveland Indians prospects:
Player  avg gp-gs ab 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po fld% 
CAMPBELL,Andrew  .333 38-36 105 23 35 40 .381 16 14 .431 9-15 39 75 24 .826 
NILSSON,Mitchell  .281 37-35 96 11 27 18 38 .396 15 20 .381 5-7 58 32 .978 
CERVENKA,Martin  .260 33-31 96 12 25 29 .302 .317 3-4 133 .946 
BATTAGLIA,Ryan  .243 40-40 107 14 26 19 40 .374 23 24 .385 5-6 157 21 .967 
Ah, just when you thought there was a slight respit in getting baseball stats!

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