Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not at the Head of the class

Jerad Head was designated for assignment today after 23 big league ABs.  Meanwhile Shelly Duncan is still here.  While I understand the move's justification (Head is only 2-23) the move makes no sense.  Why is Duncan still here?  Why is he not with a contender?  He is hot now, pushing his BA above .250 for the first time in a long time and hitting some HRs.  Instead of PLAYING him thinking that he may magically become more than the AAAA player he has been, maybe you should trade Duncan now while some other team might be fooled.

Just a thought...if you believe in giving guys more than 23 ABs.

Hey, if he clears waivers maybe Head will get to play in the IL playoffs yet.

The ironic thing about this move is that it was made to give Trevor Crowe more playing time.  Hey, we need to make a final judgement on Crowe and that was difficult with him being on the DL all year.   The comical thing is that Crowe = Brantley in my opinion and those two are just slightly greater than Carrera and Carrera or Crowe/Brantley is who Tim Fedroff, Jordan Henry, Tyler Holt and maybe even Bo Greenwell may turn into when they grow up, assuming everything goes well for them.  Interestingly, of the punch and judy outfielders we have had in the past 4 years the guy who is having the best career is the one we let get away as a 6-year minor league free agent: Jose Constanza.

Constanza has passed the 100 AB mark for Atlanta this year, his first in the Braves system and first AFTER he left the Indians' system.  He is hitting .327 with an OPS of the middle of a pennant race!  And we never even gave him a chance in losing seasons and let him walk for nothing.

So, it is comical that the Indians are now giving another punch and judy hitter another opportunity and, in so doing, DFAing Head.  Hey, the odds of Head ever making it as big in the majors as he did in the minors were slim.  However, I would rather watch him grow in the majors than watch the nth version of Mr. rag arm punch and judy hitter patrol the Indians outfield.

You know how you know you are the Cleveland Indians?  When you have 6 guys of the same ilk and the one you let get away is showing the most potential.

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