Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update to 2008 post-draft mock draft

I posted this back in June right after the draft.  Here is an update with the guys in bold being guys who have made it to the major leagues or are about to be called up.

(BA ranking at time of draft) Player (BA top 20 ranking with Indians at beginning of season)  

(74)Chisenhall (1 - in majors)
(126) Haley (NR - reliever in high A)
(NR)Phelps (20 - in majors)
(NR)Roberts (Released)
(50)Putnam (17) - in AAA right now, soon to be called up?
(NR)Tice (NR - High A)
(NR)Fedroff (NR - AAA)
(NR)Berger (NR - AAA and AA)
(NR)Clayton Cook (NR - High A)
(NR)Webb (NR - AA)
(NR)Langwell (NR - AA)

Mock draft

(BA  ranking at time of draft) player (top 20 ranking with current team at beginning of year)

(23)Conor Gillaspie (17 - In majors earlier this season, not in majors now, callup soon)
15)Tim Melville (14 - High A)
(134)Brandon Crawford (6 - in majors now)
(50)Putnam (17 - in AAA right now)
(NR)Josh Satin (NR - in majors now)
(90)Eric Thames (12)

(NR)Cody Overbeck (NR - in AAA right now)
(NR)Andy Dirks (11)
(155)DJ Mitchell (18 - Not in majors now, callup soon)
(NR)Michael Stutes (NR)

(NR)Rob Musgrave (NR - in AA right now after AAA earlier this year)

Oh my gosh, look at that!  If Putnam gets called up eight of my top 11 picks have been in the majors already and 2 of the other 3 will be knocking on the door.  The 11th, Tim Melville, is still a much better prospect than Trey Haley, although neither are looking like anything close to sure things right now. 

 The Indians? If Putnam gets called up, three of their top 11 picks from 2008 are in the majors and most of the rest of them are at AA or lower. 

So, the guy with the copy of Baseball America outdrafts the Cleveland Indians 8 to 3 in terms of guys from the 2008 draft making  or about to be making the majors.  And my draft was cheaper, too

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