Thursday, September 8, 2011

We need a late-season run... the cellar.  The Indians have the 14th best record in baseball at 70-71.  Translated into meaningful terms they have the 16th worst record which means, if they hold that spot they will lose their first round draft pick next year if they sign an arbitration-offered Type A free agent this winter. 

Right now, looking at teams with 70 or more wins, they realistically have a chance of finishing anywhere from the 18th worst record to the 12th worst record.  Why this also stinks is because, unless something strange happens, the Indians will not be getting any extra draft picks next year.  If they lose their first round pick they might not be drafting until around the 80th pick in the draft.  That would be a recipe for disaster for a small market club.

They need that first round pick.  I am OK with giving up that second round pick for a good Type A free agent. 

Go Tribe!  Play those rookies and watch yourselves rise, uh, fall in the standings.

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