Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random thought 11/13

If the Cardinals, who have a great and knowledgeable organization, can hire Mike Matheny to manage a defending world champion when he has no previous managing experience:

1. Why are we not offering the job to Sandy Alomar Jr.?

2. Why is Mike Sarbaugh being dissed for a ML bench coach job?

3. Why do we still have Manny Acta and his .417 career winning pct. as a big league manager?

As I pointed out before, take out the 30-15 start and the guy is managing at a 69-93 clip over the past two seasons.  He is not a good manager. 

Get rid of Acta and hire Alomar Jr. and promote Sarbaugh now. 

I want to stop right now the bleeding of good field staff and FO people leaving this organization.

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