Friday, November 11, 2011

Trades....Do 'em or don't do 'em

Off-season trading for a team like the Indians is difficult.  You try to find a team to trade with has excess of what you need and you have excess of what they need. 

Problem is, the Indians have very little excess of anything.  So, unless you think Joe Smith or Matt LaPorta worth a quality major leaguer, unless you think you can live without one of Tony Sipp or Rafael Perez or unless you think you want to give up prospects, you don't trade right now.

Yes, if you are fortunate (and the Indians SHOULD be looking) you can find a good fit for a trade that won't weaken either your 2012 major league team OR your farm system (See KC-SF trade last week).  And, face it, right now, our farm system is already so weak I wouldn't want to trade ANY prospect for a rental.

So, unless all the stars align you wait to make a trade in spring training.  Teams with high salaried players who have a prospect they find is suddenly ready are more likely to dump the high-salaried player if the team will take on salary.  The return won't have to be as much as it is now. 

So, Indians, hold tight on trading, see what the FA market and non-tender market bring and then, if you are still a little short of a full deck, look to make a trade at the middle or end of spring training.

Don't panic!

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