Sunday, January 22, 2012

And it just keeps getting worse and worse.

In today's Plain Dealer they had an interview with our new, soon-to-be-DFA'd 4th outfielder candidate Aaron Cunningham and guess what, he is an idiot in addition to not being capable of playing ML baseball.  Let's look at some of his quotes from that article:

"I love getting traded,"

"If you have struggles or whatnot with your old team, you can start over," he said. "You can become a new player. Your last team might say, 'You need work in the outfield.' When I get to the new team, I don't need work in the outfield, I'm a good outfielder."

"I can change it. I can become a new player each step I go."

"I didn't know that much about the organization," he said. "I did see Major League I and Major League II."

"I've always been told 'just wait for your chance,'" he said. "It's going to come. I really think this is going to be it."

Not only can't he play but he is also an idiot, too.  Firs he says that being traded is good because his old team has discovered all his warts and that his new team doesn't know them yet so he gets a chance to play for a while before his new team finds those warts.  And, since he has been traded many times, his new team has had a chance to find those warts.  Plus, in one of the most inane quotes of all time, he deadpans that the Indians are so insiginficant that all he knows about them is from two spoof movies.  Hey, Aaron, the reason you have been told to wait your chance is because you stink and don't deserve any more chances.  But, thank heavens for morons like Chris Antonneti, they give you a chance.

Also in today's Plain Dealer Terry Pluto hints that Kevin Slowey might not be ready for spring training based on last year's injuries.  He does point out that he did climb Mt. Kiliminjaro this winter but, still.   So we overpaid in for Slowey and he might not be able to pitch?

The Slowey trade reminds me of 2006 when we traded for ACab and Choo by giving fringe MLers Ben Broussard and Eduardo Perez to Seattle.  At the beginning of that season ACab and Choo were the 6th and 7th rated prospects in Seattle's organization.  This is what happens when ML teams are desperate to compete in the upcoming season and give away guys who they don't see as superstars, even though they see that those guys project as solid major leaguers.

In the past 6 months we have trade FOUR of out top 10 prospects (Pomeranz, White, Joe Gardner and Putnam) to Colorado and gotten back Jimenez and Slowey.  That is great for Colorado and, since we don't have the other pieces to compete, really, really bad for us.

I have read that Putnam, Judy and Burns are "fringe prospects".  I have also read that Putnam is a top 10 prospect in "name only".  While there may be some truth to those three not being top prospects because they are "just relievers", remember this: teams ALWAYS undervalue full-time relievers and a lot of times get burned when they do it.  That is how we got Chris Perez (and Jess Todd) from St. Louis for Mark DeRosa.  Not saying that Putnam and Judy or Burns will end up as good as Perez or as mediocre as Todd, but that is what we are looking at here for upside and downside.  So, yeah, feel free to trade your minor league relievers, but get back better than two AAAA guys.  If not, why not just keep the reliever prospects who are cheap, are under control for a lot of years and have good upside?

Congratulations Antonnetti, you have traded for an idiot in Mr. Cunningham and traded a real prospect for a guy who is healthy enough to climb mountains but maybe not to pitch and, even if he does, pitched like a AAAA guy last year.

These are the kind of trades, along with Jimenez, that doom your team, a team, which, BTW, has the talent to be 69-93 this year (what they averaged over the last two years if you take out unless a bunch of people have years SUBSTANTIALLY better than 2011 and NO ONE has a year worse than 2011.

Thir organization is in pathetic shape because Antonneti is an idiot.  More proof is coming in on a daily basis of how stupid he is.

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