Friday, January 13, 2012

Thoughts on Indians top prospects

Baseball America came out with their top 10 Indians' prospects.  I can't wait for my Prospect Handbook to arrive.  It will be my 11th in a row.

BA's top 10 Indians' list is:

1. Lindor
2. Howard
3. Hagadone
4. Chen Lee
5. Luigi Rodriguez
6. Zach McAllister
7. Tony Wolters
8. Austin Adams
9. Scott Barnes
10. Zach Putnam

Here is my top 10 and where I ranked any guys in BA's list with comments about my higher and lower ranking of some guys:

1. Lindor
2. Hagadone
3. Wolters
4. Felix Sterling - I see him as breaking out this year
5. Elvis Araujo - Interesting that Araujo was the highest rated prospect on the Indians Arizona Summer League team but didn't make the top 10.
6. Dorsys Paulino - We haven't seen much of this guy but the snippets from the instructional league are impressive.  In a system this week I took a flyer on a breakout prospect. 
7. Chun Chen - He hits.  I think his upside is higher than #4-5 starters like Barnes and McAllister
8. Chen Lee
9. Alexander Perez
10. Hector Rondon
13. Scott Barnes
14. Zach McAllister
15. Dillon Howard - His control scares the heck out of me.  He could end up rookie ball for years if he can't control and command his pitches.  No way I rate him #3 at this point.  Maybe on upside but not on the chance he will reach that upside.  I'll be more conservative than BA on this one.
17. Zach Putnam - I rated him just behind Josh Judy.  That should tell you something right there.
20. Austin Adams - He has the highest upside of any pitcher in the system right now.
22. Luigi Rodriguez - I am not sold on guys who hit in the Arizona Summer League.   I like him but his lower rating by me is hedging on his crash and burn potential that goes along with his high upside.

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