Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ridiculous (and then there is Carmona!...and Spillboroughs)

Ridiculous to see that:

1. Fausto Carmona is not really himself.  However, for those of us who have seen him pitch we know that he has hardly been himself since the beginning of 2008.  I would say only the Indians but it happens to other teams, too.  Still, Wauli Bryan is probably laughing histerically somewhere right now.

1a. The Indians are going to arbitration with Asdrubal Cabrera because they would only offer him $3.75 million.  He wants $5.1 million.  Unless they already KNEW he would never re-sign with Cleveland as a free agent, one would have guessed they could have gotten something done with him, especially when he is more of a sure thing than Grady Sizemore, the $5 million mash unit.

2. The Indians signed Ryan Spillboroughs.  I mean, immediately after making the trade for Aaron Cunningham they tried to get Mike Cameron, then Carlos Beltran and now, finally, they have their guy in Spillboroughs.  All this AFTER they gave away Josh Judy and Cory Burns for the AAAA guy Cunningham.   Plus, soon after getting rid of Burns and losing Judy the Indians were hard at work signing AAAA relievers like Tejada, Chris Ray, etc to replace the depth they gave away in Burns and Judy.  I mean, how stupid is that?  Trade away Burns and lose Judy just to replace the guy you got and the guys you lost.  Why not just keep your homegrown, cheap prospects given that there is no way you can be competitive this year?    I would really like to hear from Antonetti what he was thinking.  This has to be the single most stupid thing this organization has done in my memory.  Yeah, on the Richter scale of trades this is hardly a blip, especially compared to such 8.0s like giving away Brandon Phillips and even Jeremy Guthrie (not quite that dramatic of a loss but, still, it was for nothing) a few years ago.  The nature of this trade, the loss of Judy on waivers and all the activity since to try to undo the effects of the original trade of Cunningham for Burns is comical.  Yeah, neither Judy nor Burns, AT THIS TIME, project as all-stars but that is no reason to give up on them and then try to erase this bad trade with a series of unnecessary moves, had you just kept Judy and Burns.
3.Out of Ron Mahay, Clay Zavada, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Alfredo Amezaga, Doug Slaten, Chris Ray, Aaron Heilmann, Koyie Hill, Miguel Bautista and Willie Eyre only Chris Ray was signed by the bottom feeding Indians.  BTW, that makes two veteran relievers (Ray and Tejada) signed to minor league deals since they gave away Josh Judy and Cory Burns.

4. How the Indians gave away the farm for Jimenez and since then are doing NOTHING to build for the future and nothing to secure the present, including no multi-year deals at all or signing useful free agents.

5. How most other teams in baseball are helping themselves at this time of year and the Indians are signing replacements for the guys they gave up for nothing, the definition of treading water.

Oh well, this is how you know you are an Indians' fan.

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