Saturday, August 6, 2016

AZL Indians - August 6, 2016

I am up late working and following the game on

I absolutely LOVE the team that is one the field tonight.   All of these guys have potential to be true prospects down the road.  Here is tonight's lineup

Samad Taylor
Elvis Perez
Nolan Jones
Jose Vicente

All these guys are currently hitting over .300 and all are young.  This is an exciting top 4.

Will Benson
Oscar Gonzalez
Hosea Nelson
Ulysses Cantu
Connor Capel

4 of the 5 of these guys were top 10 round 2016 draft picks and Gonzalez is one of the gems in our system fresh out of the Dominican Republic. While the production may not always be there so far for this group of 5 guys I think there is a lot to dream on.

Pitching tonight was:

Justin Garcia (last year's draft pick coming back from injury)
Francisco Perez (our best starter this year)
Randy Marte

Again, a lot to dream on here with all these guys having upside.

Right now this team is locked into a 1-1 tie after 8 innings.  Is it just me or is this team the most exciting, potential-wise, that we have ever had in the AZL league?

This would be a game I would love to see live.  Do you think MILB will ever broadcast the AZL games live?  I mean all it would take would be a stadium cam.  With the MiLB box scores being updated faster this year than in the past, I wouldn't even need announcers and I could probably follow along with what was going on. 

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