Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's Break The Stereotype

So, the Indians are getting Coco Crisp.   Good for them.  He can be on the post-season roster if we get him, as expected, tomorrow.

9/1/16 UPDATE: Mission accomplished.  Colt Hynes isn't even a prospect.   About the right price to save Oakland $500,000 for the rest of the year.   If this isn't life imitating art I can see the Cleveland front office calling the club president asking if they can have money to make the trade just like in Moneyball. 

But hold on.  It is a trade, for a one-month rental (plus post-season, if one is there for the Tribe).  He is hitting .234 for the year, .239 against righties. 

As far as left handed hitter outfielders who can play in the post-season we have Chisenhall and Naquin.  Obviusly Almonte and Ramirez, switchhitters both, are out as the latter can't play in the post-season and the former is playing 3B. 

Still, this leaves me with two questions:

1. How much did we give up to get him?


2. How much did we give up to get him?

36 year old outfielders who are destined for free agency and who is have a below-average major league season who we are getting as a spare part should come very cheap...like for paying the guy's salary.   For Ricardo Rincon the A's gave us the immortal Marshall McDougall.  Yeah, that kind of deal.

So, even if we give up a "B" prospect it is too much.   MacDougall was a "C" prospect, at best.  

For example, a "C" prospect is Yoiber Marquina or maybe Cameron Hill.   I have heard talk it could be Gabriel Mejia.   He is, to me, a "B" prospect.   He is too much to pay for a one-month rental.  Yes, he is not an "A" prospect despite his gaudy batting average and stolen base numbers over the last 3 years.   He is still in rookie ball and is not a young Dominican, by any means.   Still, he has upside.

So, after our overpay for Andrew Miller, should we overpay even a cent for Crisp?   Don't know the answer to that but, on paper, Crisp is a wing and a prayer.   For that, you don't overpay even a penny. 

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