Monday, August 1, 2016

Deadline day musings

Have I mentioned that Jonathon Lucroy is an ass?  The worst part is that the Brewers may have made out better in the trade with Texas than in the one with us which is the thing that really hurts here.   Just like most Tribe fans undervalue our players, Brewers' fans overvalue what their players are worth.

Can't really get excited about Brandon Guyer.  I mean the guy is hitting .243.  The guy's age 28, 29 and 30 seasons are his only ones where he has gotten any pro at bats.  Frankly, I am surprised they had to give up two low level minor leaguers for him.  The Indians reverting to their bottom feeding pattern of past years.  His big claim to fame is that he gets hit by pitches at record rates.   Beautiful! 

Now in our OF we have Almonte, Davis, Naquin, Chisenhall and Guyer.  With Ramirez moving to 3B full-time I guess that works.  I guess now that Almonte is hitting a bit we are stuck with him for the remainder of the season.   Too bad.  

So far the best part of today is who isn't with the Indians.

I am glad we did not get Jay Bruce.

I am sorry the Rangers got Beltran.  I am questionably sorry we didn't get him but since he is a right-handed Jay Bruce, I am glad we don't have his defense.  Lucroy plus Beltran really helps Texas.  Actually, just what I didn't want to have happen.  Other team(s) in the AL improving much more than us at the deadline.

Looking at what it cost to get Will Smith, I am glad we didn't go for him.

Probably the biggest news today is that Juan Uribe is gone.   That may be the best news of the day for the Indians.  Again, if you want to send a message to the clubhouse that bad production can't be tolerated, this is as good as any message.

Still, though, that doesn't solve anything.  We still don't have any production out of our catcher and didn't acquire a stud outfielder or third baseman. 

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